SimGuruLyndsay teases a possible The Sims 4 Announcement at EA Play

Just 2 days ago SimGuruLyndsay, General Manager for The Sims Franchise has posted a cryptic tweet involving a mysterious numbers game:

The numbers she included are 2, 18 and 350. She let the community try to decipher what these numbers mean but eventually she decided to share the true meaning behind the numbers two and eighteen:

350 still remains a mystery but what’s interesting is that she decided to give out a hint by counting down to the exact date when EA Play will be doing multiple livestream sessions covering multiple gaming franchises on June 8th.

We knew a few days ago that The Sims 4 will be present during EA Play. Although the EA Play App didn’t give out any details, they did include information that you’ll be able to reserve gameplay time beforehand meaning that they’ll definitely be showcasing something new.

There are also several clues, speculations and hints pointing at a new announcement happening at EA Play, including:

Written by Jovan Jovic

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  1. No shade, but the fact that an expansion pack is imminent has been obvious since every Simtuber not so subtly hinted at going to EA Play.

  2. I know its hard to ask or know for that matter, but a new small pack every 2 months, and a massive pack every 4 months. Although would be cool to be in the creative room when it comes to deciding what to do, and eventually release it to the Simmies

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