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The Sims 4: PC / Mac and Console Updates Coming Next Week

The Sims Team has announced that they’ll be releasing two new updates for The Sims 4 next week, more specifically one update for PC / Mac and one update for Xbox One and PS4 players!

Both updates will be coming out on July 16th, 2019 at 8AM Pacific Time. What’s coming in these updates? Let’s break down of everything we know so far:

PC / Mac Update

Xbox One / PS4 Update

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  • That’s awesome, I’m so excited! The only thing that I hate is as a console player we get the updates way later than pc so we don’t get to have story mode and stuff. Literally PC got the pride outfits on pride month and then we had to wait till later to get it. It’s kinda ridiculous.

      • I was so excited to get to story mode but NO console just sucks and I don’t have a computer thx a LOT EA!!!! BUT I mean at least we are getting some stuff!!! But that’s why I don’t watch Sims 4 videos or update videos!!! Bc they get your hopes up WAY to high then they are ruined bc pc gets everything like CC and the gallery and story mode and mods!!! Ugh but ok

    • I saw one of the gurus mention on Twitter that now that consoles are caught up pack-wise (with the exception of My First Pet Stuff that they don’t seem to want to comment on hahaha), we should be getting updates a lot faster. So the next update shouldn’t take as long to get to us.

    • True. Im really mad I bought the sims on Xbox… We pay that same or even more for games and we don’t have all options and for all updates we must wait long :/

    • I agreed it’s fairly annoying without this update on console the game is very bland hope it arrives soon

    • It’s been almost a month since PC and mac got story mode and I’m still waiting for it in hoping that by the 16th of August we get it too

  • This sucks.. I feel like it’s been forever since freelancer came out I actually didn’t think console would ever get it and now we miss out on 1000 free debug objects AND free outfits and hair. I’d like to see ya’ll try experience this kind of constant unfairness

  • Wheres the full gallery for console. I mean I bet Microsoft would be OK with it theyve don’t it for skyrim and fallout 4. What’s stopping them now from doing for xbox.

  • At least I’m not the only console user, by the looks of the comments. I’m not too fussed about getting updates later than PC (Except for the Pride stuff, that should’ve been available during Pride month), I’m still reeling over the lack of a gallery and the fact that using cheats means we can’t get achievements. The only cheat I every want to use is move objects, and that doesn’t even really relate to any of the achievements!

    • If you type in just bb.moveobjects on, it won’t disable achievements unless you actually turn the cheats on, which would be testingcheats true. You can use bb.moveobjects and bb.showhiddenobjects, as well as one or 2 more, without turning on the actual cheats therefore you’ll still be able to get achievements. I figured this out about a month ago and was so freaking happy that I could finally use move objects without messing up my achievements lol.

    • you can use move objects without it effecting achievements . just open up cheats box . and only type bb.moveobject on

  • Would be very neat to one day see bunk beds for the kids in the game and how they could interact with it. The different kinds you guys could have.

  • Love the sims, can’t particularly stand a lot of the community. All some of you ever do is whine. Such a sense of entitlement. Why would the console have the same updates as the PC version? The PC version is the standard, more people play it that way. Not to mention the console version came out years after. Wait your turn console users. At least you actually got the real game this time around and not some alternative version like last generation. Be grateful for that. You’ll get the update eventually. However, to think that EA would prioritize the console over the PC version shows how out of touch majority who commented really are. You guys are still getting an update.

    • Thank you, I would write more, but considering from what you wrote, your the type of person that’ll accept just a thank you

      • Are you people not aware that this is the first time they actually put the full version on a console? It takes time to develop. Instead of doing your research, you all went and brought a game specifically crafted for a PC. I can assure you no console player has paid more than a PC player, that’s an outright lie.You don’t have to work for EA to be tired of the constant whining. It’s ridiculous! PC gamers constantly have to wait for certain console games to develop for PC and vice versa. I’m starting to believe the responses I got are from amateurs. Or you would know how silly majority of your responses are.

    • Wow. I think if you played on console, you’d be angry too. So shut you’re mouth. If you don’t think it’s a pain playing on console then go ahead and try it. What a hypocrite.

    • Grateful? I paid for the game same as a pc player. I also spent more on packs than most pc players have to. Pc players also have the gallery and mods. I’m not asking for the impossible, I just want my updates a little sooner. After spending hundreds on a game damn right I’m entitled.

    • All we want is the same consideration as PC players because we spend money too. You actually sound like the entitled one, you must work for EA. If PC players got late or NO updates at all compared to console players, you would feel some type of way too.

    • We’re not asking them to “prioritize” us over console, we’re asking to be treated EQUALLY with console. We put the same amount of money into this game as everyone else and expect to at least be treated the same. I can see getting an update 2-3 weeks later, but 2-3 months? I’ve literally been playing The Sims since the beginning and I used to play on PC, but to be honest, I can’t currently afford a computer capable of running all the packs at once. On top of all of the differences between console and PC releases, we have a hard enough time of finding out when ANYTHING for console is being released. I was shocked when they had a release date for Island Living for console at the same time as they released it for PC. So maybe they’re getting better, here’s hoping.

    • Nobody ever said to put console players the same all people asked for was the same treatment so calm down pc player

  • Its completely stupid! The sims 4 rebrand makes me want to barf, and on console you cant get mods to change it back to the original!!

  • I was really looking forward to create a sim story mode for console. Why not update both pc and console the same, and if not possible why even put out a console game? A huge part of your fan base is shortchanged, but does EA care? All the money I spend on expansion packs for console and my friend who plays PC just pirates all the packs illegally for free. Wow.

    • That’s what I’m wondering too. The update was supposed to come out yesterday at 10am and i haven’t gotten it yet…

  • I do want to point out that for the console, yes the packs are technically the same amount as for PC, but with all the sales you guys get for PC, us console players are in reality actually paying more. Of course we want to be treated as equal. Whereas you pc players have anywhere from 20%-50% off sales almost constantly, us console players pay full price for those same exact packs, only having sales a very few times throughout the year.

  • Yeah that’s all cool but what I would like included would be that when I tell my sin to do an action that they actually do it. Instead of waiting for 5 game hours and all of a sudden it time for work and they’re in the middle of a shower.

  • Definitely not fair that console don’t get the same things as PC Mac users. its kinda like giving less amount of food to the person thats paying the same price for the same food. its like buying a car for full price and not getting the wheels. or like paying hundreds of dollars on a game and not getting all the content. Makes me not even want to play the game or pay for the game anymore.

  • Does this whole rebrand only fully work for those who use PC computers / laptops? I have a Mac and not much has really changed…. I was just wondering if there’s going to be another update or?

  • i got the update on the 16th but i only got was what supposed to come in june. my xbox just recently told me that the sims needed an update and i got so excited because the loading screen when you start up the game had changed, but then it changed right back. like i update and it gives me the smallest of change. thanks ea. makes me regret putting my family in a bind just to buy the game.