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We asked Simmers what they think about The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

EA and The Sims released the official trailer yesterday for the new Sims 4 Expansion Pack: Eco Lifestyle. This is the first expansion pack for The Sims 4 to come out since last November 2019, when Discover University was released.

As soon as the trailer dropped, opinions instantly began surfacing. If you hadn’t already guessed it, simmers are quite torn on what to think about the new addition coming on June 5th! Although we don’t know all the details of what this new expansion pack has in store, I wanted to gather opinions from the community based solely off the information we currently have for the pack. So I kicked off the discussion with this question:

I received many responses from all varieties of sims fans. To provide a safe space for discussion, I made sure to not provide my own opinion. This article is completely unbiased, and will purely provide the responses from simmers who participated in commenting on this tweet.

Based off those who responded, it seems the largest consensus is that many players don’t agree this should be a full Expansion Pack. More like Eco Lifestyle should have been designed as a Game Pack, like Strangerville.

Others are concerned about the amount content for the price of the pack. That, along with the thought that much of what the trailer showed seemed to many that it was “recycled” (no pun intended) content from past packs.

Although there looks to be a lot of controversy around Eco Lifestyle, for those who are excited about the new EP you’re definitely not alone! There’s a lot of enthusiasm for the sustainability aspect and being able to help with a real-life issue in game.

Since this pack has already created lots of mixed feelings, I wanted to see what some simmers thought could have been a better EP, or to just voice their opinions on what they’d like to see for TS4 in the future.

It’s no surprise that some players want to see something more along the lines of TS3: Generations, or something entirely new (but long awaited and asked for) like a Farming pack. There are also some Sims fans who wish that the effort being put into new packs would instead go into current gameplay and packs.

Regardless of divided opinions, The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle is coming out on June 5th! What are your thoughts on the new addition to TS4? Let me know below in the comments below. Please be thoughtful, and respectful, when voicing your opinions!

Dag, dag for now!

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  • Hi can you fix the mufybeds from breacking all the time when your sims sleeps in them it get anoing?that’s way I never use them. I hope the somg in all the world don’t get anoint having clean the song up all the time you won’t be all to do nothing else.if you don’t clean it will be somgy all the time.can your sims get sick from the somg ? That would be great the only time your sims get sick Is flu or allergy.

  • What if sims 4 made a farm expansion where you could have chickens, horses, cows, goats, pigs you know the whole farm deal. And have raised bed garden pot much bigger for bulk planting. Maybe a farmer’s market to sell the stuff at they can rent out stalls and set up a table and the higher quality their goods the more money they can sell it for. On the farm it could have the option to be off grid living and have objects like a butter churn, cow milking station, a well to get water from, and a chicken coop with different items to put inside it. A whole farm decor both homey country and high end country. And you could make another world where it’s a cute little farming town with big empty lots so you could build up your farm. Farming sims could be so fun!!! :)

  • This pack is really confusing. Every time I try to vote at the boards it says I can only vote in my hometown, and I’m in my neighborhood. I don’t really understand the action plans and how to work with them or fix up my neighborhood at all. It’s just a lot of confusion, honestly. There’s so many other things I wish they’d worry about, and so many things from previous versions I just want back, like horses with breeding and training etc. Sims 4 has felt like huge steps back from the start.