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Did You Know About These The Sims 4 Crafts?

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Spanning nearly ten years, The Sims 4 has a vast array of different features on offer. However, with the reveal of The Sims 4 Crystal Creations Stuff Pack, we wanted to take a look and potentially re-discover some of the Sims 4 Crafts players can undertake in the game.

There is everything from creating candles and fabricating your own furniture to knitting unique pieces in the Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack. Painting, woodworking and more. The Sims 4 has plenty to offer!

Without further ado, here are five The Sims 4 Crafts that you may have forgotten about or didn’t know existed in-game.

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While fairly obvious, Nifty Knitting is a hidden gem in The Sims 4 catalogue. The community-voted Stuff Pack was originally released back in July 2020. It is a Stuff Pack that many players were uncertain about, to begin with, but has slowly become a favourite with its unique theme and gameplay additions.

This Sims 4 Craft allows players to create many different knitted items from cable knit rugs and mailboxes to cute and cosy critters, plant pot hangers, Yarny and of course Lil’ Grim! There’s a variety of items your Sims can complete.

Objects aren’t the only thing you can craft. Your Sims can also knit clothing. From socks and scarves to jumpers there’s a variety of clothing options your Sims can create.

Sims 4 Crafts

Candle Making

This next craft is the first of several that were added to the growing collection of The Sims 4 Crafts through the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack. Candle Making allows your Sims to craft a variety of different kinds from everyday dipped candles to more complex carved ones in a variety of different colours. With more experience and resources, your Sims can also craft candles that include flowers including one named the Aura of Death Flower candle.

Sims 4 Crafts

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle was released in June 2020 just a month before Nifty Knitting. It featured also featured several other crafting activities including Juice Fizzing and the addition of community spaces. These could be tailored into Maker Spaces which are the perfect locations for your craft-loving Sims!


Another of the Sims 4 Crafts added in Eco Lifestyle was Fabricating. The process of creating a variety of everyday objects. Essentially, you could think of it as 3D printing. From bookshelf, tables and chairs. Your Sims can also create beds, lights and common upgrade parts. Each comes in a range of different colour varieties too.

Now, if your Sims take on the Civil Designer Career, they can also unlock more recipes to fabricate as well as Sims who have the Master Crafter trait.

Sims 4 Crafts

For both of these Sims 4 Crafts, you’ll need to ensure you have some Bits and Pieces saved up. You can learn more about them here.

Cross Stitch

Take the time to unwind and have your Sims experience the world of Cross Stitch. Released back in July 2021, The Sims 4 Cottage Living took on a different vibe and took us back to that country living lifestyle in Henford-on-Bagley.

While Cross Stitch was not the main focus of this expansion pack, it was a welcome addition to the ever-growing selection of Sims 4 Crafts. With a range of different-sized patterns your Sims can craft including food, nature, Sims and phrases, your Sims will be able to create some truly unique pieces.

The five-stage skill offers your Sims plenty of ways to quickly level up and complete pieces so that your Sims can either sell their Sims 4 Crafts on Plopsy or to Vendors, display them in their homes, and give them as gifts.

Additionally, much like the paint-from-reference feature in The Sims 4, your Sims can Stitch from Reference too!

Sims 4 Crafts


Now, this could and couldn’t be considered a craft, however upon selecting whether you want to build on the Robotics Workstation, it does ask you if you would like to craft “x” item. Regardless if you are planning on crafting a Servo, a Utili-Bot, toys, Cybernetics or materials, this is definitely one of the more complex Sims 4 Crafts however can prove incredibly helpful to your Sim in day-to-day life.

Creating Servos and Utili-Bots was introduced in The Sims 4 Discover University expansion pack which was released in November 2019.

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Freelance Crafter

While not a The Sims 4 Crafts exactly, did you know there was a freelance crafting career your Sims can become a part of?

Simply, find a Job as you would normally and select the Freelance option. From here, you’ll be able to join the SIMply Crafted agency and begin to undertake gigs.

This was added in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle and focuses on the Sims 4 Crafts added in this expansion pack. Read more about becoming a Freelance Crafter here.


Even More The Sims 4 Crafts and Hobbies

While these are some of our favourite crafts from The Sims 4, there are plenty that the game has to offer and even rediscover. The Base Game alone comes with many crafts that your Sims can jump straight into.

From painting to woodworking, photography to creating music, singing and telling jokes, whatever your Sims’ craft is, they will be able to level it up to become the master of their craft and maybe even dabble in other crafts. There’s even more to offer in The Sims 4’s vast array of additional content.

Thoughts & Future Crafts?

While The Sims 4 as a whole has numerous crafting activities to playthrough, gain skilled experience and even make money from, what are your thoughts on the Sims 4 Crafts we currently have available in the game?

Additionally, are there any other crafts that you would like to see make an appearance or maybe a reappearance in The Sims 4? Maybe something truly unique and different that no other game has done before?

Join us in the comments below and share your thoughts on The Sims 4 Crafts and what you are looking forward to in The Sims 4 Crystal Creations Stuff Pack!

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