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Preparing for The Sims 4’s Upcoming Content Update


One of The Sims 4’s Biggest Patch Drops is coming in just a few hours. Here’s a precise Countdown and Tips!

The Sims 4’s latest Patch is just around the corner!

You might be wondering – what’s included? Oh, not a whole lot. Just some huge improvements and new Features. All coming for free. No big deal at all!

There’s not a whole lot happening for the next Base Game Update. We are only just getting:

And more!

We are covering all the latest News, Tutorials, and of course – Patch Notes for The Sims 4’s Upcoming Update!

Until then, there are some things you need to know in consideration about the update.

First of all – it’s expected to release on July 26th, 2022 – just 2 and a half days before High School Years!

It’s also one of the more groundbreaking updates for The Sims 4, considering the amount of features it brings. Therefore:

What do I need to Prepare for?

The upcoming Update for The Sims 4 on PC and Consoles is one of the bigger ones out there considering the amount of features and changes. We can always account that EA will try its best to deliver the Update, but there can be many mistakes in the process. Especially for your save files!

If you have Mods and Custom Content for The Sims 4 then chances are something might go wrong. Especially with Mods.

Here’s how you can take extra precaution:

Remove / Disable Mods

If you play the game on PC/Mac then this step is a no-brainer. Heavy script mods like MC Command Center, which already have their own version of Story Progression, will definitely conflict with the upcoming Update for The Sims 4 feature. To ensure that your save files don’t get corrupted after the update, remove the Mods you might have installed. Your favorite modders have probably already heard about the upcoming update, so you should expect Mod updates that are compatible with the Mod just shortly after.

When it comes to Custom Content, we’re not entirely sure if anything will break. Yet!

Backup Your Save Files

Once again, better safe than sorry! If you play on PC / Mac you can backup your save files by going to Documets > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 and copy-pasting the saves folder to a location outside of the save game sphere. For a full tutorial play it safe and ensure your save game files are healthy and ready for the next update! If you’re just getting started with Mods / CC make sure you check out our handy guide!

Those who play The Sims 4 on Xbox or Playstation can backup their save files from their console settings. For this you can either use the Console’s Cloud Storage or External Memory. We have a handy tutorial on this specifically for the Playstation Console, but the process should be somewhat the same for Xbox players as well.

Patch Release + Countdown

Just like with previous Patch Releases, this one is expected to come out at 10AM Pacific Time. To make things easier we’ve included a countdown below that counts to the exact moment when the patch should drop.

Are you excited for the Upcoming Update for The Sims 4? Let us know in the Conversation below!

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