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Converting this Sims 4 Dollhouse into a Fun Kid’s Clubhouse

sims 4 dollhouse build tips
The Sims 4 Dollhouse Build Tutorial

Sims are basically dolls, so why not put them in a dollhouse?

We’ve showed you how to make debug shells into a usable space. Up your building skills and turn this adorable Sims 4 dollhouse into a 2-floor play place for your child Sims!

Sims 4 Dollhouse Build

You won’t need any custom content or mods to build this! You can also do this with just Sims 4 Base Game and the Horse Ranch pack.

Just toggle bb.moveobjects on before starting.

Building the structure

Start off by placing a 2×7 open platform on the 1st floor. Build an 8×6 room beside it. Then, copy the platform on the other side of the room. This is how it should look like:

Building a House in The Sims 4: Dollhouse Tutorial

Now raise the whole structure by sliding the white foundation arrow 2 times. Next, raise the platform of the closed room 2 times as well.

Inside the closed room, block off the room into 3 sections with these sizes:

Sims 4 Dollhouse Rooms

Add stairs in the middle room to access the 2nd floor and place archways inside. Also add stairs behind the outdoor platforms so your Sims can do more activities there.

On the 2nd floor, build a 5×6 room on top of the closed room below. Add some fences around the stairs for safety.

Once the whole structure is done, don’t forget to color in the walls and tiles both inside and outside the build.

Adding the dollhouse

To make this whole build functional, create a basement 1 tile bigger than the build.

The Sims 4 Rooms

Place your dollhouse on the basement and size it up 6 times using the ‘]’ key. Then elevate it with Ctrl+9 until the item’s green grid reaches the top of the basement wall.

Then place the dollhouse in the middle of the room to align it with the build upstairs. You may need to toggle quarter-tile placement by clicking Shift+F5 or hold Alt to adjust the dollhouse from time to time.

Once the dollhouse covers the walls and floors of the build above, you can add in a door and stairs for the main entrance. Add a fake window by using a doorway and adding a fence along with it.


The last step is to fill up the dollhouse with activities for kids. For this dollhouse, there’s a Don’t Wake the Llama table, a chemistry table, a crafting station, and even a tiny version of the dollhouse itself on the 1st floor.

On the 2nd floor, you can add a sleepover area with bunk beds and sleeping bags.

Stargazing in The Sims 4 Dollhouse

You can even add a functional telescope inside. Do that by closing off a room by the open window. Go up one level and click on the room below. Click ‘Remove Ceiling‘ so that this space will be outdoors for the telescope to work. Then just delete the walls after.

Outside, you can fit a monkey bar on the left porch. In the middle, there’s a space that can have Blicblock gaming station just elevate it 2 times using Ctrl+9. On the right side, you can add a camping area and a small porch area for a rocking chair.

If you are done decorating, delete the basement to remove the dark lighting on the dollhouse. You must delete it by using the white arrow sliders as to not delete the dollhouse with the room.

Dollhouse Shell

Download this Sims 4 Dollhouse

If you want to skip all the above steps, feel free to download this build in the gallery so you can add this to your build too.

sims 4 dollhouse in the gallery

Video tutorial

Or watch this quick tutorial to learn how it’s really done in the Sims 4:

Have you built your own Doll House build in The Sims 4? Let us know in the conversations below and stay tuned for more Sims 4 Build Tips!

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